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No one thinks that it will happen to them.

Imagine you are 32 with a toddler to look after and then you are told you have cancer. All this after you had decided to postpone getting insurance until you were older.

Did you know, in 2017, the youngest person to make a claim with Asteron for Trauma insurance was 28 years old, although they also paid a claim for a 2 year old. The oldest person who was paid a claim was 68 years old and the average age of claim was 51 years old.

Asteron's 2017 statistics as a percentage of all claims: Cancer – 65%, Heart Attack – 13%, Angioplasty – 9%, Stroke – 4%, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) – 2%, Multiple sclerosis – 1%, Parkinsons disease – 1%, Permanent disablement – 1%, Severe burns – 1%, Chronic renal failure – 1%, Meningitis – 1%, Major head trauma – 1%.

Source: Asteron Life Claims,, 2020


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