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Everyone who works and earns an income deserves a plan to protect it!

Financial Advice New Zealand (2020) has reported that 1 in 4 income earning people in New Zealand will be unable to work for 6 months or more as as a result of an illness or injury.  Some income protection claims examples are: musculoskeletal, mental health, glandular fever.

Surprisingly only 13% of New Zealanders have an insurance  plan in place to protect themselves (and their families) against  financial loss.  Remember in New Zealand ACC doesn't cover illnesses. A simple way to work out how much you could lose if you are disabled and unable to work is by multiply your annual income by the number of years left until your retirement. This figure will be on the low side as it doesn't take into account future salary increases.

If you would like to work with Connect and Grow and start your plan simply contact us via our website or by telephone or register directly with us and start your plan here:



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