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Employee Insurance Series - Pt. 1

This three-part series will look at what Employee Insurance is and why businesses across New Zealand are rolling it out for their team.

If you are looking for a way to improve business productivity & performance, attract & retain staff and grow a strong workplace culture then Employee Insurance is something to think about.

An Innovative Business Choice

One of the most important factors in business success and growth is attracting and retaining quality, healthy employees.[1] Investing in the wellbeing of your employees helps to boost the wellbeing of your business.

By setting up Insurance for your employees, you can give them access to comprehensive and effective financial support in a range of circumstances. This cover can even be extended to include your employees’ families.

How Can Employee Insurance Benefit A Business?

Employee Insurance is used to:

  •      Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

  •      Build on a strong company culture.

  •      Boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

  •      Support the health and wellbeing of employees.

  •      Assist with the attraction and retention of employees. 

The Basics of Employee Insurance

  • Businesses across New Zealand are increasingly offering Employee Insurance to their employees.

  • You can choose a selection of insurance cover for your employees. 

  • Employee Insurance can give your employees access to numerous – and often exclusive – benefits. For example, it can make insurance affordable for staff and it can offer them cover for qualifying pre-existing health conditions.

  • Having insurance can help your staff return to work faster: staff without access to health insurance are waiting twice as long for elective surgery than those with subsidised health insurance.[2] 

  • Offering Employee Insurance as part of a remuneration package helps to attract the right talent by offering a range of benefits to employees that extend beyond their salaries. 

  • Employee Insurance shows a commitment to your employees’ long-term financial and emotional wellbeing. This helps to build a positive and engaged work culture.

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