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Claim process - what to expect.

It can be a stressful time in your life if you or your loved ones need to make a life insurance claim. Here’s a guide of what you can expect and how the process works. And remember we’re here to help you through this process.

Step 1 – check your policy wording

When you think you can make a claim, the first step is to read your policy documents that explain what you’re covered for. If there are words you don’t understand, or you can’t find your documents you can call for help.

Step 2 – start your claim

If it looks like your situation is covered based on your policy documents.

Step 3 – complete some paperwork

You’ll receive some forms to complete, and you’ll be asked to provide some documents as part of your claim. Your insurer will provide instructions about what you need to do.

Step 4 – your claim is assessed

When your insurer has all the information they need, they will assess your claim against your policy documents. Your insurer may get in touch with you during your claims assessment. You can ask them or me any questions you like throughout your claims process.

Step 5 – your claims outcome

Your insurer will notify you of the claims outcome. If your claim has been accepted, your insurer will organise payment for you. If your claim is declined, your insurer will explain why. If you don’t think your insurer has come to the right conclusion, we’re here to help you through this.



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