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Are you an employer? Here is how you can help.

You should consider offering your employees insurance-based Employee Benefits. Why? Because it:

Helps your employees: You can help your employees access special concessions like cover for qualifying pre-existing health conditions. These concessions usually also include lower insurance premiums.

Helps you connect with your employees’ families: What would happen if your employee suddenly couldn’t work due to an illness or accident? What if your employee passed away unexpectedly? How would your employee be able to work effectively while they are worrying about a sick family member? Could your employee work if their treatment is delayed due to Public Hospital waiting times? How would their families make ends meet?

Helps you grow your business: A well-structured insurance benefits package helps you attract and retain the great employees you need to keep your business flourishing for years to come. In addition, healthier employees are generally happier, which means your business productivity continues to grow.

Connect and Grow Ltd can help you evaluate your business needs and can help develop an employee benefits package to meet these needs.

We specialise in developing, implementing and managing these benefits so that you can continue to build on the success of your business.



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